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Lots of companies and websites advertise with alltel ringtones. No subscriptions attached, these ads state. There are even hundreds –if not thousands- of optimized websites which offer these ‘alltel ringtones’. They are trying to attract people through search engines by offering them alltel ringtones. And if you visit their website, they’ll try to sell you a subscription.

So why do they say they have alltel ringtones, you ask? This can be because of a couple of things. Firstly, they can actually offer alltel ringtones. Get a subscription for 6 a week and pay for 5, you see what I mean? Most of these companies don’t even offer that. They try to lure you with their ‘alltel ringtones’ offer and hope that 1% of the visitors will buy a ringtone subscription. And be honest, haven’t you been thinking about one of those subscriptions sometimes? Most people will, occasionally, mostly because they’re getting frustrated in their search of really alltel ringtones.


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